My mother was diligent in keeping journals, holiday cards, birthday favors, favorite outfits, and of course pictures. Early 2021, I finally got the nerve to digitize 30+ home videos that I'd been carrying with me for over a decade. 

Seeing myself, alongside elders and cousins who are no longer here (including my dad,) and more cousins who are parents and grandparents now – is absolute gold that can never be measured for its full value. I am overwhelmingly grateful to document these histories and to work with other families to do the same. No matter how small or great the resources, we all have stories to hear and tell.

  • B.FAR Journey Books Preview. Six books and a bonus!

  • Meeting in Virginia. The day Billye met her sister – after finding her through DNA testing and communicating via email and phone for two years (Captured by Kristal Moore Clemons. October, 2017.)

  • Proud Women. Billye attending the International Women's Day Parade in Foumban, Cameroon (March, 2015.)

  • Leaning on the 14th. Found audio files of Billye's father, digitally transferred and transcribed (c. 1986.)