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#BlackFolxAreRich® (#BFAR) is a storytellin affirmation we WEAR/ PLAY/ TEACH/ LIVE/ toward everyday practices of liberation, created by Dr. M. Billye Sankofa Waters.

WEAR/ the Classic Tee and limited edition Roc Sweat, both inspired by Hip Hop styles and icons such as MC Sha Roc.

PLAY/ the #BFAR Storytellers Deck with 75+ questions and prompts you can use to dig deeper into personal and family histories. It's great for 1:1 journal time as well as large gatherings to hear how our stories intersect!

TEACH/ across multiple research projects cultivated through recording stories, reconnecting the Black Diaspora, rewarding self, and repeating these movements. The most recent published article is here:

LIVE/ everyday practices of liberation through various #BFAR curated events and partnerships. Check out photos/videos from February 2023 in Chicago with the MAK BLAGIC Experience, hosted at The Connect Gallery; or March 2023 in Virginia with Nikki Giovanni, hosted at Mary Baldwin University.

Blackgirl Unapologetic, Inc. is our 501(c)(3) sister organization, which provides funds for Blackgirls who are undergraduate, graduate students, other/mothers and community servants. FMI:

Cheerful Portrait

KAHN. Chicago, IL

When Billye started talking about her "Black Folx Are Rich" project, I thought about finally asking my father for pictures of him when he was younger. He got his brother to send some of him back in Jamaica and when he first got here. I can't believe how much I can see myself.

Portrait of a Beautiful Smiling Woman

ELLE. Stamford, CT

Creating an opportunity where I can sit down and talk with my mom and uncles about their experiences growing up in South Carolina has made me and our entire family stronger.


LAVON. Kansas City, KS

Some of us can take DNA tests or find kinships with people in various countries from Africa, but most of us can't. We can't pass over and forget the stories that come out of Mississippi, Chicago, Oakland, the Carolinas, Houston. Black people build things everywhere they touch the ground.

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