58th and Calumet, South Side of Chicago
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#BlackFolxAreRich (BFAR) is an affirmation cultivated through recording stories, reconnecting the Diaspora, rewarding self, and repeating these movements – toward everyday practices of liberation, for and with Black folx. "Rich" is not based on a limited understanding of fiat notes and modern currency, but instead honors the holistic existence of who we are (internal) rather than just what we have (external.) We are folx of both trauma and dignity and are hereby rich in blood, flesh, joy, labor, land, faith, intellect, creativity, rest, and Village. 

The BFAR site currently provides information about the research and book project, recorded community talks, and merchandise – including the limited edition Cypher Deck.

Welcome. What's good?! Akwaaba. Come on in!

Dr. M. Billye Sankofa Waters

Radical Identity Praxis, LLC, President

BlackGirl Unapologetic, Founding Executive Director

Black boy mom / wife, storytelling artist, sister & star chaser

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