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Homepage Photography Credits

All photography and graphics are credited to M. Billye Sankofa Waters, *unless noted otherwise.


Uncle Dan and Nephew on front porch home @ 72nd and Dorchester. Chicago, 2019.


Fried salmon and a whole lot of other foods @ Uncle Jerry's House. LaMarque, Texas, 2017.


"Binkey" Double Dutching @ Silver Room Block Party. Chicago, 2014.

Three Generations 

Three generations of Rhodes’ ranging from 1860 –1933. Paducah, Kentucky c. 1936. The longest living member, Edythe (Rhodes) Peyton – far left – passed away in 2016, one month before her 92nd birthday. Billye’s father is nestled behind two of his brothers on the lower right side; he’s the one with the smiling eyes.

150 Acres 

Original family home, built by Paw Paw, situated on 150 acres of land in Mississippi (image courtesy of Ruby).


Boy and Camera @ Silver Room Block Party. Chicago, 2014.

Sunday's Best 

Cassandra (center) with paternal grandmother, great grandmother, and maternal great grandmother after her baptism at St. Elizabeth’s Church in Altadena, California, c. 1984 (image courtesy of Cassandra).


San Francisco mural featuring Hector's grandmother (image courtesy of Hector).


Tribe's paternal Grandfather and Friends playing dominos in the front yard @ 67th and Minerva. Chicago, 2018.

Blue Line 

DJ Lady D @ Silver Room Block Party. Chicago, 2014.


Billye's Paternal Great Grandparents, Henry and Easter, c. 1890. (image courtesy of Rhodes Family.)


Uncle Jerry's bible and pulpit @ Spiritual True Baptist Church. Galveston Island, Texas, 2015.

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