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The #BFAR Storytellers Deck

The #BlackFolxAreRich® Storytellers Deck was developed over 18-months and vetted with 18 storytellers across the country! There are 75+ QUESTIONS & PROMPTS to engage intimate conversations/reflections about growing up, affirming Blackness, and the legacy(ies) you/we want to build. You can pick cards from the deck with folx you've known forever or just recently introduced; the deck is designed to engender joy, wonderment, connection, and healing. It's great for game nights, first dates (seriously!) any reunions, community workshops, personal journal time and more!


I keep a deck in my everyday canvas bag as well as my glove compartment – next to my old school playing cards! FYI: It's a great idea to keep a notebook+pen or recording device (e.g., your phone) around; you never know what's going to pour out or in!



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Please take a moment to fill out the form if you're looking to purchase any range of decks – one for yourself/to gift or 100 for your staff or upcoming event!

Each deck is $50 (+taxes & shipping.) Bulk discounts may be applied.

We'll be with you shortly!

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