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a garden for mary

May 4, 1938 - July 31, 2021


Thank you for your contributions to the August and May Celebrations: Shanyce Campbell (facilitator), Bettina Love (DJ), Rev. Eric Temple Sr., Rev. H. Jerry Temple, & Rev. Eugene Temple (gathering prayers), Cassiopeia Uhuru (libations), Malari Sankofa Waters (poetry), Maxine Cosley, Dr. Grace Dawson, Min. Walter Owens, & Sharon Rideaux (community tributes), Rissi Palmer (music), and Angelica London (live portraiture).


Whether you've offered a card, call/text/post, bouquet, resolution, scholarship donation, prayer, song, portrait, food delivery, or your favorite memory(ies) of Mary / Mrs. Rhodes / Baby Darlin'/ Mama - your outpouring of love during this season is the most poignant tribute to a life well-lived. We see yall and are blessed that you see us. Be confident that you are a cherished member of Mama's garden - which spans eight decades across the South, the Midwest, the Pacific Northwest. We are immeasurably grateful for your Love and ask that you continue to honor your own assignment while planting seeds for the next generation.

- Preston, Aaron, Billye & DaChé

Pebble Stone Beach
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Cousin Betty

Farewell my dear Cousin/Sister. My heart is truly saddened that you are gone, but I know you are having a joyous time with the Lord and our ancestors



My aunt, my mother's sister. They were so close – they were the glue that truly stuck. When she came home it was always a celebration, the whole family just lit up – so happy to see her. I will always love and miss my Aunt Mary.

momat21 (1).jpeg


Mama Rhodes, there aren't enough words in the english language to thank you for your love. You are such a blessing to this world and that will live on forever. We will shower your family with the love you so freely gave. Asé



Dance, My Beautiful Sister. Dance through the streets of heaven. ­– Marya Sherron


You will be deeply missed by everyone. You’ve touched so many hearts and we are ever so grateful to have had you in our lives. Such a beautiful friend always till the end to my mother, Juanita. We love you always and will miss you. – Cornelia


Rest in peace cousin I have many beautiful memories of the times we spent together. I [will] see you on the other side ♥️, Lovey Dickson


My aunt, my mother’s sister. They were so close they were the glue that truly stuck. When she came home it was always a celebration, the whole family just lit up – so happy to see her. I remember all the smiles and joy she brought to each one of us. I will love and miss my Aunt Mary. – Thyra Burks


Love and Miss you Aunt Mary! Especially your sweet voice, delicious chili, and the stories you shared. You will forever live in our hearts! – Jerretta Temple


Praying for the strength of you all. I'm BLESSED to say that I was able to feel her warmth outside and inside my stomach as well. Her spirit was nourishing and just amazing to be around. Rest well Queen Mother. – Tony Parker


Mama Rhodes, there aren't enough words in the english language to thank you for your love. You are such a blessing to this world and that will live on forever. Thank you for my sister Billye and all that she is because of your love. We will continue to love and protect her. We will shower your family with the love you so freely gave this world. Asé. – Toya Fulton


As Momma Mary joins our ancestors, may our Other Mother’s legacy, gifts, and spirit continue to reside among us as a guide. – Tynisha Willingham


My favorite memory is when she let us (Sorors) hang out in her house. I dont remember why we were there or who was there but I remember feeling safe and welcomed. – Dot Benford


She knew that Billye loved her! – MaToya Marsh


Thank you for sharing Mama Mary with me. Her smile, good tight hugs, and special seasoning salt will live on in my heart. – DyMisha Richardson


I’m sorry for your loss. Your mama is forever ingrained in my spirit as one of the strongest, kindest, most loving souls I’ve ever encountered. I’m happy to hear the village around you is supporting you as you walk thru this season. Sending all the love your way and treasuring memories of her today. – Rafat Fields


Absolutely beautiful!!! My condolences Billye on the passing of your mom. I remember those days at Beasley and the many occasions Mary and I had to chat about raising our daughters. Love to you and the family. – Kassandra Brezill


I loved it! That dangone Mary! All the stories. My every weekend surrogate mother. What a blessing. We were raised by Mary Rhodes and The Plaza from Friday after school to Sunday evening. – Nieal Marie Ross


She was my friend and I had deep respect and fondness for her! May she forever Rest In Peace! – Emily Willis


She was extraordinary, friend! Her legacy and memory will forever be remembered! – Kafi Moragne-Patterson


I will always remember the times we shared as kids and adults with my Aunt Mary… Rest in Heaven my beautiful Aunt. – Ashley Ward


The Burwells are sending our love and prayers for your family.  – Quiana and Britt Burwell


My condolences to you and your family. Sending you lots of love . I have fond memories of your mom. – Rebecca Banks


My heart hurts and aches for you. She was very special to me. The love and kindness she always showed… I remember the times of me you Nora, Denise, and Missy Your house is full of memories nobody can take. I love you girl and if you need anything don’t hesitate to call text. I’m praying for you, love you. – Araina Lark


God bless your mother's legacy, she was a great person, and a loving woman. Her fire and light burn inside of you, she did a great job with you! I'm sending you love, light, peace, and strength. – Joseph Bard


Sending prayers of peace that passes all understanding to you and your family at this time. Your mom was a wonderful woman. – Hermane Eiland


My condolences to you and your family. Your mom always welcomed us and you couldn't tell me I wasn't her grand child. Sending you hugs. I love you. – Flora Quiana


My condolences, she was a very sweet and warm lady and always made me feel welcome in her home. – Charlene Reed


Oh my sister Billye this hit hard!! Although it has been decades since I've seen you or Mama Rhodes, I will always remember how she and you embraced me as family. In those years when I was desperately in need of mothering, she was one of my Mama's as you were my sister. My God I'm so sorry to read this, but yes you are so covered by the strength, love, courage, wisdom and the guidance of your ancestors. Mama Rhodes joins as a bright star, a supernova Love you Billye. Thank you Mama Rhodes for being you. – Shaunti Brooks


In early days of my life, your mother had a lasting impact on me. Then I spend a lot of time with your brothers Aaron and Preston when it came to spend the summer in Galveston… I pray for continued peace and happiness for you and all your family. – John Temple


Such beautiful and inspirational memories. Her memory will be in your heart forever. – Diana Peyton


Love you Mama Rhodes and your eyelashes is 🔥 – Cassie Uhuru


Rest easy, Mama. And gentle love to you as well, Sis. Love you. Always. “Until the rainbow burns the stars out of the sky.” ❤️ – Cynthia Dillard


All in divine timing, by her own will and choosing, surrounded by all who love and nurture her soul. You have great strength and you are so incredibly loved… sending you my love often, I know your ancestors are so thankful for you and so happy to have your mom home safe again. I love you and your Mama! 😘🙌🏽✨ – Sophie King


Prayers up. I know she was a special lady! Stay strong friend. – Shaun Garrison


🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿 Another Beautiful ancestor. We are powerful. – Bettina Love


❤️❤️🙏🏾 Sending my love and prayers to your entire family from my entire family. We will surely miss Mary but rejoice in the many warm memories we have of her. – Andrea Brezill


…Thank you, Ms. Mary for this beautiful soul you ushered into this world. She is truly the fruit of your love, labor, and a gift to us all. Rest peacefully, Dear Ancestor. 🙏🏾 – Azania Shangé

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